Golden Era Property Ltd.

Golden Era Property Ltd. is a Bangalore based real estate company developing lay outs,apartments and commercial complexes and one of the pioneer group companies of GERG . The company successfully registered 2 lakhs plus residential space to the customers till now.The company has the vision to deliver quality and eco-friendly housing projects across the globe for buyers and investors.

The company is providing the highest quality solutions for the development of modern communities, innovative residential developments and land investment opportunities. This is a flawless contemporary development, incorporated with integrity.

Aug 16 2011

Golden Era Software Solutions and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Golden Era Software Solutions and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is the software development segment under the brand GERG. The company was instrumental in developing various platforms in web technology and Mobile app technology from the day of inception with the support of a professional and experienced team. With a vast clientelle and various developed platform under the belt,the company is treading towards creating more client friendly applications and foolproof service outlay.We believe in team work and creativity.

Aug 22 2012

Uthhan Empowering Artisans

Born in April 2012, Uthhan is a joint initiative between different artisan community organizations and GERGstore.com for the upliftment of financially weaker segment of skilled artisans across India. It has been observed that value of an artisan product depends on the way of presentation apart from quality, which is an alien territory for a skilled worker..

UTHHAN will be the first initiative in India where the profit from sales goes directly to the respective skilled workers.This effort will unify all type of skilled workers across India which will lead a new ray of hope for the community to fight for their rightful cause with out fear.

April 7 2012

Golden Era Financial Solutions

GE Financial Solutions is founded with a prime objective to change the perception of common man towards Investments from money making to wealth creation. In a world of uncertainty, maintaining a structured portfolio with the right combination of asset allocation is critical to achieve long-term financial excellence.

Jan 2 2013

Golden Era Consumer Durables

Golden Era Consumer Durables is founded in 2013 and is the main platform to sell Gergstore.com online products. The company was successful in sourcing various types of consummer products to the online platform in a larger volume.

Feb 22 2013

Chouraha-A chill out Zone

‘CHOURAHA’ used to be a very vibrant part of Indian life- from Ahmedabad to Allahabad and Bangalore to Banaras, Chourahas used to be the epic centre of all the activities at that city- Be it cultural or intellectual. While, a few of the smaller centers have still kept that aura of old tradition alive, others thought better to get rid of it in the race of globalization. This is our sincere effort to take people back to their roots. In an era, where people are more strangers towards each other than ever, Its those the old Chourahas- epic centre- is what, required by all

March 7 2013

Golden Era Entertainment,Resort and Leisure Pvt Ltd.

Started in 2013 this company has started its restaurant brand Chouraha-A chill out zone. Company is planning venture in to resorts, health clubs, restaurants and recreational centres.

May 26 2013

Golden Era Projects India Pvt. Ltd.

Golden era projects India is the construction segment of GERG.The company is eyeing to complete 3 lac sft of residential and site development by 2017.The team comprises of experienced architects,Engineers and skilled labourers. Creative visualisation and practical brilliance are the key factors in construction segment and the same have been the highlights of GEP from the date of inception. GEP is planning to expand its operations across India in commercial development segment.

Feb 3 2014

Golden Era Recruitment Solution

Golden era Recruitment solutions is a partnership firm under the brand of GERG. The company focusing to full fill the manpower gap of different organizations by providing suitable talent as per the requirements. Golden era recruitment solutions is providing client friendly solution in the way of cost effectively also with adequate talent. Golden era recruitment solutions providing the candidate friendly solution as per their eligibility.

Feb 24 2016


Smart DRC is a software application developed by Golden era Software solutions and consultancy Pvt ltd for Small, medium and Large enterprises. Smart DRC has a vast client base in India and Gulf countries. Smart DRC is currently available in segments like Retail,Travels,Education,Pharmacy, Hospitals and Financial

April 2 2016

Vendor panel for Gergstore.com

Seller.gergstore.com is an online platform for sellers to register themselves to give their products to showcase it in Gergstore.com online shopping site. The platform offers complete online selling solutions for Vendors with out any hassles.

March 24 2016

LetzCabs Pvt Ltd

Letz cabs Pvt Ltd, is a group company of Golden Era Royal Group (GERG) in travel segment aiming to upgrade driver and commuter experience with the help of Bangalore based trade union called, Transport Services Union (TSU). We offer a wide array of transport services and solutions across India including corporate companies thereby empowering the drivers across India.

May 2 2017